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Education for kids is a lifeline, not a luxury when they have been displaced for so long. Kids can bounce back when they are given the proper social, emotional support alongside literacy and numeracy, we’ve seen it for ourselves. Half of the world’s refugee children at primary age get no education at all, and three-quarters at secondary age, get no education at all. The statistics for children with disabilities are even higher.

This year, we are organising for a 20ft container of aid to be sent to Tanzania in East Africa. We are collecting for the 26 schools within Nyaragusu Refugee Camp, 20 primary schools and 6 secondary schools. We can’t stress enough how desperate the situation is, these schools have next to nothing! They are in desperate need of teaching equipment, they have no computers or laptops, limited access to internet, no projectors, no white boards, not enough pens, pencils, paper, rulers, erasers, notebooks, backpacks, art supplies, the list goes on and on. For playtime or sports activities, they have no toys, no footballs, no skipping ropes, or any sports equipment at all for that matter!

Imagine the impact an entire school community can make when everyone bands together to make a difference!

Here are some added benefits for your children that come along with giving back and helping those who are in need, followed by a few ideas of fundraisers you can hold at your school…

Improved Social Skills

Fundraising has advanced way beyond the old methods of tossing up lemonade stands or sponsoring cookie sales. Schools now run and take part in elaborate schemes to raise money for specific causes. From hosting talent shows and competitions to partnering with large companies to sell personalized products at a reduced cost, school fundraising has stepped up its game. The children involved inevitably pick up valuable skills, such as the art of networking, socialising and interaction on a proffesional level.

The Ability to Work in Teams

Working with others toward a common goal is an important part of school fundraising. It teaches kids to be able to compromise in group situations and also to be able to act appropriately in both leadership and subordinate roles. These lessons are also able to serve them well in their adult lives.

Instilling the Importance of Community and Charity!

Children must be taught to care about others and to consider the concept of improving their surroundings for the benefit of the entire school body. Their fundraising efforts may be able to put systems or structures in place that can last long after they leave the institution and this helps to teach young people about the value of community and charity. Doing something for the benefit of others and not to be self-serving is also a major part of school fundraising.

Encourages Creativity

School fundraisers also challenge youngsters to be imaginative and to think outside the box. Several school fundraising ventures are the product of the students imagination and drive so this should not go unnoticed.


Here Are Some School Fundraising ideas!

Have a Bake Sale

Bake sales have long been a staple of many groups fundraising activities particularly church and school groups.  Choose one of our projects to raise funds for.  Volunteers and supporters of your cause bake and donate cakes, cookies, buns, muffins, pies, and biscuits. These are then sold to raise funds.

50:50 Raffle

A 50:50 raffle is one of the most simple fundraising ideas you can do. It fits in perfectly with all sorts of events. This is how it works:

You sell raffle tickets at any event that you have going on. There is only one prize – Half the takings!  That’s right, some lucky person gets half of all the money taken. The other half, of course, goes to helping those in need. The more tickets that are sold – the bigger the jackpot!

Don’t forget to have a last minute run round to see if anyone wants any more tickets just before the draw is made. You would be surprised how much extra cash you can bring in by getting the right person for this job.  Declare the winner at the end of the event and make a big thing of presenting them with the cash. Even if you are disappointed yourself, most people love to see someone else being lucky. The announcement can be a real highlight. Simple fundraising ideas are often the best.

A 50:50 raffle is a guaranteed winner!

Charity Christmas Cards

Seasonal but Christmas will be upon us before we know it! Most schools hold some kind of Christmas fair or fete, so get the children busy making personalised Christmas cards to sell on a stall or just within the school grounds, and donate the proceeds to empowering people in need of our help.

Charity Walks with a difference

Any individual can undertake a solo walk or participate in a group challenge. There are a number of major or well-known walks and challenges in most countries ranging from gentle strolls to serious endurance events. Organising some sponsorship to undertake something like this is relatively straightforward. You can even do the whole sponsorship thing online now by using a site such as JustGiving.

Is there a good day in the calendar that you could take advantage of? Perhaps your school is named after a particular Saint. Or how about a Romantic Ramble on Valentines, A Santa Stroll at Christmas or the Leaf Kickers’ Hike in Autumn. Fancy Dress is always a winner, the more daring and difficult to walk in, the more sponsorships you should be able to collect!

Walkies with Woofers

This is another really popular variation of a charity walk. People love their dogs and also love showing them off. Also it’s a bit different to ask for sponsorship for Rover or Butch. Who knows your little friend might just raise the most money.

Scooters, Skates and Skateboards

Here’s a way to get the younger generation involved! Everyone does the race with their scooter, skates or skateboard! Flat surfaces required. Even better in fancy dress!

Colour Run

A color run is a great way to have a lot of fun, get really messy, and raise lots of money for aid for children in refugee camps!  The basic idea is very simple. Participants ask people to sponsor them to take part in a fun run. But this is a race with a difference. At certain points along the route, they will be bombarded with colored powder! By the time they cross the finish line they will be every colour of the rainbow.

Participants pay to take part, it usually costs around £15.00, this is how the school can cover costs of refreshments and prizes for winners and runner up. The remainder can go to the charity.  A good idea is to get the teachers and parents involved and get them to take part in the run as well, and get the pupils to throw the coloured powder at the teachers as well as the students, how many pupils would jump at the chance to do that?!

Participants will then also collect sponsorship for the project of their choice. Family and friends can also purchase packets of color to throw from the sidelines deliberately targeting anyone they know who runs past.

There is usually a real party air at the finish line as the participants arrive totally covered in colour every shade of the rainbow

Collective Calling are always available to help with lots of ideas so

please get in touch if you’re stuck for what to do

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