Twenty months on from where we started on the island of Lesvos, we have now deployed volunteers to the following locations:

Greece: Lesvos, Chios, Idomeni, Thessaloniki, Foot of Mount Olympus, Foothills of Northern Greece, Volvis, Athens.

Turkey: Istanbul, Izmir, Cecme.

Serbia: Belgrade, Presevo.

Africa: Tanzania.

Spain: Malaga, Fuengirola.

After many conversations with those we have met throughout our journey so far, we believe that when we deeply understand the experience of those fleeing the atrocities of war, persecution and poverty with an empathetic mind, we are able to use the strength and power of our collective to make meaningful change and find solutions that will transform the lives of our fellow human beings on a long term basis.

HRC Project

Local community support carried out through our HRC Program (Homeless – Response – Community). ...