How You Can Help Make A Difference

Volunteer your time in bite sized chunks, from your own home, on demand and on your own terms. Benefit children living on the streets in Africa from your home using a powerful tool you have right in front of you now, your Smartphone, Laptop or Computer!  Micro-volunteering has a macro impact. More and more people are realising how valuable their time can be spent by micro-volunteering, from their own home and you can even do it in your pyjamas!

Help to change the world during your lunch break, while you are at school, from the comfort of your armchair at home or during your free time. Have a browse through some of the ideas below that our volunteers have thought of, we would love you to become part of our collective force. Small amounts of time spent, multiplied by a large compassionate collective of people, will result in change for humanity.


Fundraising is a vital aspect to continue to do what we do. There are many ways which you can help fund raise, from holding a women’s lunch to a live music event. Even creating a simple crowdfunding site online can help reach children living in extreme poverty in Africa. Please contact us now if you could help us with this task.


Being connect to expertise in various sectors is very important to the work that we do. Some of our time is spent networking st women’s lunches, golf clubs, business conventions and churches. We would love to speak to you if you feel as though you could be one of our representatives.

Social Media

Being connected and keeping a presence on all social media platforms requires a skill to reach and engage readers. Do you knowledge of how to use social media platforms and engage readers? If this is a yes, we would love to speak to you about how you could use your skill to help the people who we serve here at Collective Calling.