Our Vision

Our vision is to see a world where children are not segregated because of a disability, but are empowered to be a part of positive change in the world.



Our mission is to empower and bring dignity back to the lives of the people who we serve.



We believe that a collective force of individuals, who have had a calling to help those in need, can bring hope in times of darkness, and can make a powerful impact on the suffering of humanity. We are a collective of entrepreneurs, service organisations, churches, companies and compassionate individuals who have touched the lives of thousands of refugees fortunate enough to have survived conflict and crisis, and we are committed to fulfilling projects that will provide a lasting impact for our beneficiaries.


Empowerment & Self-Sustainability – Our programs are designed and implemented with the intent of providing our beneficiaries with tools that will enable them to be self-sufficient.

Dignity – We aim to bring dignity back to the lives of our beneficiaries.  Human dignity is a sense of self worth, and due to the circumstances surrounding refugees, and the many difficulties they are faced with, refugees with disabilities are particularly prone to losing their sense of dignity. 

Integration – Persons with disabilities residing in communities and refugee camps are often segregated from society due to stigmas.  We aim to tackle these stigmas with seminars, awareness campaigns and other integration techniques such as “role model” projects. 

Unity – We believe that unityis the foundation of a harmonious community.  We focus on bringin back the sense of unity within the community through local support initiatives.