Dignity & Empowerment

During our talks with groups that have been formed of persons with disabilities by DRS-Tanzania, we identified many areas that required support and we made a decision to work towards empowering livelihoods initially.

Each group chose a name and altogether we have empowered 17 groups, which include 919 people in total, here is Grace of God:

How the group currently generate an income:

💢Trading rice and beans¬†
💢Agriculture – cultivating tomatoes and onions
💢Pig, duck and chicken keeping

What we provided to help empower livelihood:

💢10kg Rice
💢10kg Bean
💢Sewing machine
💢Tomato seeds
💢Onion seeds
💢Chicken, duck & pig feed

We are looking forward to seeing how grace of God progresses. All items are used for generating an income and we’ll be posting more about each group that we have supported and how they are moving forward.

Collectively, we are making a difference…