Kasulu Local Support

We handed out children’s and new born baby clothing that was collected in Marbella, look how far your compassion has gone Marbella #MarbellawithLove

As we visited the paediatric & maternity wards, children with heavy burns were being treated and new born babies were being cared for with the little resources and equipment they have.

We offered prayer & blessings alongside handing out the clothing & toys, there were tears and the mothers were overwhelmed, so welcoming of the prayers, we can’t express enough how far prayer goes….One newborn, who was sick and crying constantly from when we arrived, immediately stopped crying as soon as we started praying over her, and remained completely calm throughout! God is so good!

While we visited the local hospital in Kasulu, Gemma gave instructions to one of the nurses on how to fit baby carriers that were kindly donated by Carry The Future.

More baby carriers and essential education items donated by Carry the Future are also on the #ContainerOfHope that has been shipped from Spain and is currently on transit to Kasulu, destined for vulnerable refugees in Nyarugusu refugee camp.

Thank you for your support Carry the Future, you are a blessing! ❤️

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