Lesvos Support Project

One of our programs in collaboration with “Carry The Future”, supports “One Happy Family”, which is a community centre on Lesvos that provides vital services to refugees on the island. Nearly 6000 refugees are here with no end in sight to this never ending journey of suffering for them.

Everyday refugees from Kara Tepe site & Moria walk to the centre to get time away from being confined to a refugee camp and try to feel, if only for an afternoon, a bit of normality. They have the chance to relax and speak with other refugees and volunteers on the island, while their children can play or read books.

One of the services that are provided is an on site shop where refugees are able to collect items such as soap and shampoo in return for credits used.

Due to kind donations, we are able to support this shop and we recently purchased the following items that were identified as being sufficiently low and in need desperately:

– x96 wet wipe packs
– x144 Soaps
– x40 Baby wipes packs
– x300 Razors

– x200 Nutritional juices
– x88 Shampoo
– x300 tissue packs

The shop manager, a refugee from Syria, said that the number of credits used on the day of our delivery was three times greater than usual.

Your donations go so far to bringing dignity back to the lives of people here who have survived atrocities that are unspeakable. Thank you so much for your generosity from all of us here at Collective Calling and our beneficiaries here on the island of Lesvos, we couldn’t continue to do it without you.

Want to help? You can!

Donate now, hold a fundraiser or contact us about volunteering opportunities, Collectively, we are making a difference…