Marbella Distribution

Marbella Distribution

Behind the glittery lifestyle of Marbella, lay areas hidden away, that are full of depression, areas where people are really suffering and are in real need of help.

As needs increase across the coast, our homeless / socially vulnerable response has moved away from Fuengirola to Marbella & La Linea, our local response in 2018 will be significantly increased.

Today we served our first area in Marbella that we recently identified. Non perishable and cooking food packs were distributed to 15 homeless persons and 7 socially vulnerable families, one family had 5 children, alongside clothing and children’s toys that were kindly donated by the people of the Costa Del Sol.

Collective Calling was formed with the vision of serving people in need close to home, and to the most remote of locations internationally; the driving force being a collective of compassionate individuals who have had a calling to help those in need. Thank you Audrey Spearing for being a part of that driving force by donating food and money that went towards our response today, you are a blessing!

Thank you to everyone who make it possible for us to meet the needs of people who are so appreciative of our help.