Rotarians making a difference

We would like to extend our gratitude to the RCGM “The Rotary Guadalmina-Marbella” for their continued support through Collective Calling helping to empower vulnerable refugees in desperate need of our help.  Paul and Gemma first spoke with the RCGM 12mths ago regarding the situation of malnutrition in on one of the refugee camps on mainland Greece. After hearing about the desperate situation it didn´t take long before the RCGM were responding with donations of fresh fruit and vegetables to serve some 800 vulnerable refugees. Following the vital nutritional support to our beneficiaries in Greece, the RCGM followed up with vital aid for refugees in Tanzania through our East African Appeal. For more details see our website, “Our Projects”

We are looking forward to speaking with the RCGM once again on 12th October to discuss the current situation that refugees are facing and how we can collectively continue to support the most desperate of cases. If you would like to join us for this talk, please contact us directly by email for location and further details.