Sub-Saharan Refugee Support

Our first preliminary mission to Morocco was conducted in the month of April and to say it was a success would be an understatement. At the end of January this year, Collective Calling were invited to speak at the annual Diocese of Europe Anglican synod about our experiences working within the refugee crisis over the past 2.5 years. During this conference, we connected with many European leaders and learnt a lot about the communities they are serving, and how we could potentially help with their efforts to empower those same communities. It was by the grace of God that we connected with Canon Medhat, who is the Egyptian pastor serving the Christian community of St John´s church, Casablanca, Morocco. After learning that Pastor Medhat was serving a large community of Sub-Saharan refugees, and having further discussions on whether Collective Calling could be of service, we all made a decision that an initial identification mission would be conducted.

When we arrived we were introduced to the Nigerian and Liberian refugee community who had fled their country on average around 10 years ago when civil war broke out. The terrorist organisation BokoHaram continue to cause terror in Nigeria forcing many men, women and children to flee for their lives to this very day. During this first mission we spoke with both communities and learnt about their main challenges. There is a great deal of racism towards the refugee community in Morocco, and it was heartbreaking to hear some of the stories of what happens to them there. They find it very difficult to get work, medical treatment and the right schooling for their children.

We heard many accounts of men and women dying at a young age, in their thirties, due to a lack of medical treatment, some of them are attacked and beaten by locals at hospitals or pushed to the back of queues, or forced out all together due to language barriers and lack of compassionate assistance. Treatment for serious illnesses and childbirth are extremely expensive, many women are forced to give birth at home because they cannot afford to go to hospital.  We also met the father of a beautiful 5 year old boy called Marvic, he had cancer and needed a stem cell transplant, chemotherapy was costing a fortune, and they were trying to raise funds for the transplant.  We prayed with the father for his son, and with the community, to find solutions for this little boy.  Unfortunately, the day we returned to Spain, we heard that Marvic had passed away…Pastor Medhat held his funeral amongst an absolutely devastated family and community.

There were many needs documented by both communities and we will do our best to provide the resources needed for them to earn a living and provide for their families. Soon we will issue more details on sponsorship’s for children to be able to go to school, and also medical sponsorship’s for those with ongoing conditions such as glaucoma.

As small gift while we were there, we provided 25 families with food packs containing:

1 kg x 25 – Rice
400g x 25 – Tinned tomatoes
1 ltr x 25 – Cooking oil
1 kg x 25 – Pasta
1 kg x 25 – Cous Cous
1 kg x 25 – Sugar

We also provided 2 individuals with eye medicine for Glaucoma for 2 months.