Tanzania Mission 2018

We have had some very important meetings with the District Commissioner of Kasulu & Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), which have built solid foundations for our future work here. God is making a way for us to make a real difference.

We have also met with several other large NGOs based within Nyarugusu refugee camp including UNHCR, IRC (International Rescue Committee), NRC (Norwegian Refugee Council), GN-TZ (Good Neighbours Tanzania), Red Cross and CEMDO (Community Environmental Management and Development Organisation).

All of these meetings are essential for when we do aid distributions within the camp to ensure smooth running and co-ordination between zones and groups of refugees.  It is also good to build relations with other organisations based in the area in order to share issues that may arise in the future, or concerns we have surrounding refugees and the host community, so that solutions can be found as quickly and as efficiently as possible.  

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