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HRC Project

Local community support carried out through our HRC Program (Homeless – Response – Community).


  • Homeless – The dignified distribution of food and NFI´s (Non-Food Items) to the homeless community.
  • Response – Disaster assistance response through fundraising, aid distribution and volunteer response in times of disaster i.e flooding, fire etc…
  • Community – Care in the community projects are continually being reviewed and identified i.e TWA project (Therapy with Animals) for elderly persons and persons/children with terminal illness/disabilities / rare diseases.


Our “HRC” project (Homeless – Response – Community). We are currently distributing food and NFIs (Non- Food Items) to 30 registered low income and homeless persons within the Fuengirola area 3-4 times per month.  Our collaboration in Fuengirola is with Coscina Solidaria and they do not have enough volunteers to cover their operations twice a week on a monthly basis, our help is vital to our beneficiaries, Coscina Solidaria has confirmed that without CC support, numerous distributions would have been forfeited due to lack of resources and support.

We are currently in discussions to take over food distribution operations from Caritas charity organisation in the San Pedro de Alcantara region where we would be providing food and NFIs to 90 registered low income and homeless persons per month, twice a week. Caritas will no longer be supplying food to this homeless community as they are expanding other services within their priority scope, therefore Collective Calling will be filling a vital aid gap and an essential necessity for the homeless/low-income community.  The program actively purchases food from local Cash & Carry stores through our fundraising efforts and donation income.  Our HRC project will see initiatives such as animal therapy and outreach for older adults in care homes with terminal illness/children with disabilities, as well as having the ability to respond in disaster situations such as floods and fires by utilising our volunteer base and coordination groups which allows us to respond swiftly.



We supply highly nutritious hot and cold meals to our beneficiaries 2-3 times a month in collaboration with Coscina Solidara at the Lux Mundi building in Fuengirola.  Low-income people and those living on the streets, who need emergency help with food and NFI´s, are benefited by this program. Not only do we meet the immediate needs in form of food and NFI´s to our homeless friends, but we also help bring dignity back to our friend´s lives by having meaningful conversations.  We focus on being a friend to the individuals we serve, as well as someone that will take the time to listen and be that shoulder to lean on.



The real number of homeless is undocumented and most likely unknown. An estimated 46% of homeless people in Spain are foreigners, 80% are male and the average age is 42.  And over 24% of those living on the streets have been doing so for a period of 10 years or more.

A common story we hear from British homeless people we speak to in the local community is that after moving here for a better life in the sun, they lose their job, are forced to move out of their home and cannot afford to rent another property.  Many have lost or had their passports and social security papers stolen and therefore have little chance of finding more work.


We at Collective Calling understand that it´s difficult for those living on the streets to get a good intake of nutrition.  Therefore, we make sure that the hot food we give them on a Monday and cold meals on a Thursday has a high nutritional value with lots of protein, vegetables, and fruits.

It’s not just about serving food either, one of the expats we help said his visits at Lux Mundi are his “favourite time of the week” and that he owes his life to the staff.  Another of our beneficiaries said, “we really do appreciate the service you guys give, the meal is really important to us”. 

We know it’s not just about providing food, it’s also about having a chat, treating our friends like human beings and making them feel alive.  We don’t ask our beneficiaries about their problems but if they want to share, we’re here to listen.

We couldn’t do what we do without the kindness and generosity of our fellow volunteers who come to help serve the food and interact with our beneficiaries so a big thank you goes out to all of those involved! If you are interested in becoming part of the team then please go to our “GET INVOLVED” page and register your details in the ´Volunteer´ section.

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