Mission Statement

Collective Calling provide emergency life-saving intervention for street children and tackle the root causes of poverty that affect children through spiritual and physical aid. We exist to INSPIRE, EQUIP and TRANSFORM families so that children can be supported and encouraged to be everything that God created them to be. 

Every human being is made in the image of God and the value of human life is held at our highest regard, regardless of faith, race or sexual orientation. Our work is carried out in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.


In 2017 Collective Calling Co-founder, Paul Carr, travelled to Greece to help support refugees fleeing from the war in Syria. After witnessing that level of suffering first hand, he “refused to turn away”. The sense of helplessness turned into action as he returned to Spain to raise money for vulnerable families with children. Consequently, Paul and his wife, Gemma, officially registered Collective Calling as an international relief organisation. Since then, Collective Calling has responded to the emergency needs of refugees in Greece (islands & mainland), Serbia, Turkey, Spain and Tanzania.

One question that people always ask is: “How did you get from Greece to Tanzania, and from refugees to street children?” So let us explain: The camp manager in Greece, who Paul became good friends with, was relocated to the third largest refugee camp on the globe in Tanzania and invited Collective Calling to conduct an urgent needs assessment. The level of need was so high that it was difficult to know where to focus their help, ultimately Paul & Gemma made a decision to support the most vulnerable group they could see, which was Persons and Children with Disabilities.

During the 1.5 years working in the camp, they discovered that the need in the local community was very high also, if not higher, than the camp and after further assessments within the local community they discovered children as young as 5 years old were living on the streets. The devastating issue surrounding street children became apparent so after much prayer and careful thought, a decision was made to help rescue these children with the intention of reintegrating them back into a loving family where they belong. So in 2018, our journey began with street children in Tanzania. 

Since the inception of Collective Calling, which was inspired by the Syrian war, our focus is now helping to rescue, rehabilitate and reintegrate street children in Tanzania, alongside reaching children in Spain who are subject to high levels of poverty.

Our Values

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

As time goes by, the world that we live in seems to demand more and more from us; every 40 seconds a person commits suicide and increasingly more people are being pushed into extreme poverty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, pressures of conflict and climate change. These figures don’t just affect the poor, wealthy individuals are also subject to these feelings of depression, worthlessness and hopelessness, as they struggle to find real purpose and value in life. 

Collective Calling´s philosophy is built upon Psalm 139:1-16. Every human being has been “Fearfully and Wonderfully made” and we are all made in the image of God. King David, the Psalmist in this Scripture is praising God for how amazing God has made him. David understands that before his mother knew she was pregnant, that God was with him, and that God had prepared a purpose for his life, a life of wholeness and fulfilment. David looks at all creation and is in awe of God’s magnificent craftsmanship and David rejoices in knowing that God’s work is great, therefore he is great, as he is also God’s creation.

The word “wonderful” in Hebrew is “pala”, which means `separate, distinguished or unique´, which essentially means God made all of us to be special. Collective Calling embodies this truth and with this in mind, we are passionate about our mission of helping to equip, transform and inspire others to be all God created them to be.

The founders
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Collective Calling co-founders Paul and Gemma Carr appeared on RTV Marbella in April 2021 discussing how it all started, was makes Collective Calling’s heart beat and how the Inspiring Futures program aims to Inspire, Equip and Transform lives. 

Watch the interview here and find out more about Collective Calling.

Who We Are
The Founders and the Directors of Collective Calling are Christian and our faith in Jesus Christ is central to who we are. We follow Jesus' example by being a present, visible and practical expression of God's love for the world, as we serve alongside the poor and the oppressed. Our faith is the fuel that leads us to serving children and parents regardless of their faith.
We understand that all people are made in the image of God and therefore loved and cared for dearly by Him. We give priority to people over money, structures, bureaucracy and systems.

We conduct our work in a way that upholds the dignity and intrinsic worth of every individual, from our volunteers, donors and of course to the poor and oppressed. We celebrate the uniqueness of every human being and cultural diversity.

We encourage the personal, professional and spiritual development of all that are a part of the Collective Calling family.
The resources that are given to Collective Calling are not ours, they are a trust from God through donors designated to the poor and oppressed.

We are an open book and speak factually and honestly. We demand a consistency between what we say and what we do. We convey a public image that aligns with reality.

We are also stewards of God´s creation, we care for the Earth and act in a way that helps protect the environment throughout our programs.
We are part of a larger global network of likened NGOs leading the charge within the family reunification sector across Africa. Our partnership brings expertise and accountability to our programming.

Where possible we maintain an openness to collaborate with governments and other like minded NGOs to further our mission of serving the poor and oppressed.

Key Contributors & Partners


 6% administration

In 2021, 94% of Collective Callings total operating expenses were used towards programs that support children and parents living in poverty. This includes logistical planning of programs.  

No donation is too small
We are transparent
Maximum impact

We are happy to be reviewed and held accountable to these third party entities:

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