Futuros que inspiran

Week 3 began on our Inspiring Futures programme today and we introduced the important topic of Change!
Muchos de nosotros queremos cambiar, pero tememos, nos resistimos o lo evitamos, aunque este es el puente que nos lleva de una situación a otra.
So how do we change, how do we embrace change and see it as our friend?
With the aid of some practical exercises – a completely different layout in the classroom, a game where instructions meant one thing one minute and another the next – we delved in to how change affects us and the Cycle of change we all go through and how to go through it with joy, focus and success.
Taking it from theoretical to personal as each reflected on the change they wanted to make and the practical steps to take to do that.
El programa Inspiring Futures ha sido diseñado para INSPIRAR - EQUIPAR – TRANSFORMAR

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