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We are excited and grateful to have been chosen by “The Home Organiser Spain” to be one of the benefiting charities for this awesome concept. Unwanted household items can be used in many ways to help the local community, the items can be donated directly to local low-income families or they can be turned into cash via the sales of the items which in turn help local community projects such as the “inspiring Futures” program. Check out here website here:

"The Home Organiser Spain” dice;

"¿Por qué trabajamos con organizaciones benéficas?

It makes our customers and the charities happy.

People are always mindful of where their money goes and whom they are supporting. We understand when you’re finally ready to organize your room, and we have created the bag for donations, you don’t want to worry about where to bring this to y to whom?  That is why we looked carefully for some local charities to support. Our charities are more than happy to pick up your donation. As a customer, you know whom you’ve donated to, and it doesn’t end up in a garage.

But we also want to inspire others to give back.

We believe our charitable donations can inspire many people to give to a cause. It’s a way of making people see how crucial supporting society can be. It can successfully encourage many people to support a charity organization intentionally.

APORTANDO to charity makes us feel good and fulfilled.

Donating to charity makes us extremely happy. The understanding that we are supporting both charity and our customers  makes us happy and fulfilled as a business.”

Collective Calling are very grateful for this collaboration and look forward to supporting our neighbours in a higher as we move forward.

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