The CHANGEMAKERS of the Costa Del Sol have embarked on an empowering journey with our first two monthly gatherings, uniting individuals committed to making a significant impact through decisive action. As CHANGEMAKERS, we come together as a community of like-minded souls, supporting each other in identifying, nurturing, and utilizing our unique talents to spark a tidal wave of LOVE. Each gesture of kindness and love creates a ripple effect, motivating more individuals to cast that same light of love into the world.

Our inaugural event set the stage for this movement, igniting our collective passion to be the change we wish to see. Following this, our March gathering, centered on the theme of HOPE, explored its vital role in our lives and the ways we can embody and extend hope to uplift those around us. The gathering was elevated by the presence of a guest speaker, whose life journey from homelessness to pioneering a global happiness initiative, added a powerful layer of inspiration. Their story not only instilled a deeper sense of hope within us but also encouraged all CHANGEMAKERS to become luminaries of hope in our communities and beyond. We are the CHANGEMAKERS, and together, we are weaving a legacy of love and transformation.

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