Family Reunification

Through our "Centre of Hope" we
Rescue, Rehabilitate and Reintegrate
street children back into family.

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Inspiring Futures
Through our Inspiring Futures program, we are on a mission
to help Inspire, Equip and Transform lives.
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Transformational Development

More than just economic growth. It is an approach to family welfare that takes into account spiritual, social, and economic well-being.

Practical Needs

Supporting families and individuals practically with food assistance, hygiene and clothing

Family Reunification

Using our three R method of Rescue, Rehabilitate and Reintegrate - street children are at the core of our family reunification program in Tanzania.

inspire, equip and transform

Collective Calling supports children who are afflicted by poverty, we help the family unit create an environment in which the child can thrive. We work alongside parents and local governments to help address the root causes of poverty, and through the provision of physical aid and through targeted holistic and skill based programs, we inspire, equip and transform lives to be all God created them to be. 

The Collective Calling family is a collective of people who have a calling to help others in times of crisis, and we invite you “who refuse to turn away” to partner and journey with us on our mission to inspire, equip and transform lives. 

Children lives are being saved and family units are supported because some:


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Our “Stories of the Pandemic” series documents the stories of 4 families who Collective Calling have come alongside of during the time of the pandemic.

Our History

In 2017 Collective Calling Co-founder, Paul Carr, travelled to Greece to help support refugees fleeing from the war in Syria. After witnessing that level of suffering first hand, he “refused to turn away”. The sense of helplessness turned into action…


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We Inspire

To inspire is to be driven by purpose towards a vision with the kind of passion that invites others to be part of the journey. It moves people and progress. Our intention is to inspire others to become an inspiration themselves, to make a difference, sowing these seeds in to generations to come.

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We equip

Equipping others is all about building relationship first, so that you not only know what work lays ahead and what is needed for that work, you also know and understand the person. To equip is to develop, train and provide for others so they can be successful at being who they are and everything God created them to be.

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we transform

Transformation doesn´t happen overnight, it is a process from what is to what could be, and it never ends. It is a lasting change, one that gives a sense of newness and a new focus on a different path. It is multiplied when others are inspired, equipped and transformed to become leaders themselves

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Pregnant women support

Check out our pregnant woman's support program video here...

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Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.

1 john 4:11

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 9% administration

In 2020, 91% of Collective Callings total operating expenses were used towards programs that support children and parents living in poverty. This includes logistical planning of programs.  


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