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Giving monthly is the most powerful way to donate.  You’ll help us to plan ahead, providing long-term solutions to help families become self-sufficient.

Target Giving

Rescue – Rehabilitate – Reintegrate


In Tanzania, children who are living on the street need your support to help create a brighter future for their lives. Find out more about how your target giving in Tanzania can help RESCUE, REHABILITATE and REINTEGRATE street children back into family.

Inspire – Equip – Transform


The COVID-19 pandemic in Spain compounded the levels of poverty that many families were already enduring, like many crises, the vulnerable are the first to be affected the most. Find out more about how your targeted giving in Spain can help INSPIRE, EQUIP & TRANSFORM lives.

Hi, we're Collective Calling

We are a relief organisation that supports children and families to overcome poverty and oppression. 

High impact

Collective Calling is a 100% volunteer run organisation, which means that no salaries are paid with donations. We keep our costs down, ensuring that a high impact is made with every euro donated. 


We help keep families together by equipping them to move towards a position of self-sustainability.


As a demonstration of the unconditional love that God has for all of his children, we support the poor and the oppressed. Collective Calling supports every child that we can, regardless of faith.

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 9% administration

In 2020, 91% of Collective Callings total operating expenses were used towards programs that support children and parents living in poverty. This includes logistical planning of programs.  

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Maximum impact

We are happy to be reviewed and held accountable to these third party entities: