Christian Faith

Our faith in Jesus Christ is central to who we are. We follow Jesus’ example by being a present, visible and practical expression of god´s love for the world, as we serve alongside the poor and the oppressed. Our faith is the fuel that leads us to serving children and parents regardless of their faith. Want to learn more about what having a relationship with Jesus is all about?

Stories of Hope
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Ways to give
Give monthly to help Christian witness:

As we help children and families practically with immediate support and help inspire, equip and transform parents lives, we endeavour to serve as salt and light through our lives, actions and words, as en expression of Gods unconditional love for all and the hope within Jesus Christ.

Donate a Bible: 12€

Help share God's word to the poor and oppressed, as we conduct our work we are regularly asked for literature about God and there is no better way to get to know our creator than reading His Word.