Show your support by helping children today.

Right now, we’re on the ground in Malaga, Spain tackling the root causes of poverty and your donation today can help us reach children by providing practical help and support, as well as long term solutions.

Your donation today could provide essential items to parents who desperately need them.

25 euros

Could provide one family of 3 with a food pack to last two weeks

50 euros

Could provide a family of five with food for one month

100 euros

Could support one family with food assistance and transport for two months whilst enrolled in our empowerment program.

300 euros

Could provide nappies to 10 families for one month

"We are sometimes blind to the suffering that is happening right on our doorstep, we are called to love our neighbour, and it's time to take action"
Gemma Carr
Hi, we're Collective Calling

We are a relief organisation that supports children and families to overcome poverty and oppression. 

High impact

Collective Calling is a 100% volunteer run organisation, which means that no salaries are paid with donations. We keep our costs down, ensuring that a high impact is made with every euro donated. 


We help families thrive by inspiring and equipping them to move towards a position of self-sustainability.


As a demonstration of the unconditional love that God has for all of his children, we support the poor and the oppressed. Collective Calling supports every child that we can, regardless of faith. 


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 6% administration

In 2021, 94% of Collective Callings total operating expenses were used towards programs that support children and parents living in poverty. This includes logistical planning of programs.  

No donation is too small
We are transparent
Maximum impact

We are happy to be reviewed and held accountable to these third party entities: