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In Tanzania just recently, it has been the school holidays nationwide for children and this time of year can be a time of fun and games for many children, but it can also be a time of loneliness for children with broken families. That’s why at the “Centre of Hope” (COH) we make a very special effort to shower love on the children we are caring for. For the children where it is possible, they have the chance to go home for a couple of nights with a gift that consists of a food assistance pack for the household. For the children who are unable to spend the night at home due to varying risks, they visit home for a day bearing gifts and have the opportunity to spend some hours at home.

At the COH we care for children who have gone to the street for multiple reasons, ranging from poverty, abuse and neglect, for the children who do not have parents anymore and are orphans this can be a particularly upsetting time and for this reason we arrange visits to extended family members, or older brothers and sisters. This is all made possible due to our partners. Follow Collective Calling for ways you can partner with us and help more street find a way back home.

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