Meet the Team

Gemma Carr


Gemma Carr grew up in Hampstead, NW London. At the age of 23 Gemma moved to Spain to run a restaurant and loved the country so much, now aged 42 she is still there! Gemma is an artist and has previously run her own business producing fine art & trompe l´oeil murals. Gemma married Paul in 2017 and together they decided to form Collective Calling.  

Paul Carr


Paul Carr born in Leicester City, UK, 1982. Paul has spent most of his early twenties travelling Australia and East Asia until he found his home in Spain. Paul spent the first 10 years in Spain working for various financial service companies until he felt a strong calling to go to Greece at the age of 33 to help in the refugee crisis, less than a year later Collective Calling was birthed.

George Petch


George Petch, the CEO of GPI Europe, which is an integral part of a larger financial services group, brings almost 30 years experience of running International companies to Collective Calling. George provides vital guidance, support and structure management for Collective Calling and this is enhanced by his great desire to share the love of Jesus with others.

Kurt Kettner-Borough


Kurt Kettner-Borough is from California and has been the pastor for the Wave Church in Puerto Banus, Spain, for over 10 years. Having managed his own non-profit and worked in multiple countries throughout Africa, meeting spiritual and practical needs though the deployment of mission teams, Kurt brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Collective Calling.

Andrew Chubb

Consultant to the board

Andrew is a retired CEO of a Multi-academy Trust, with over 30 years’ experience in education, 25 of which were at a senior level, including 14 years as a headteacher in two different schools and 5 years as CEO. Andrew has a passion for social justice and now works closely with both the executive and the board of Collective Calling on strategic development.

Patrick Murphy


Patrick Murphy, B.A. (Hons) Financial Services, was introduced to Collective Calling through a fundraising event in Spain and after learning more about the Centre of Hope, Patrick engaged his foundation Zen Wealth Charitable Foundation to help towards the funding of the centre. Patrick who is a managing partner for Zen Wealth LLP, brings a wealth of expertise and wisdom to Collective Calling following his philanthropical work internationally on other charitable projects.


Veronika Tye

International Programming ambassador

Veronika Tye, is the founder of Life4U, a company based on the Costa Del Sol that specialises in relocation. Veronika is a mother of 3 and wife to philanthropist Martin Tye, founder of Mariposa Energia. Born in the Czech Republic Veronika has always had a burning desire to help those in need and she does this through her professional career and personal life. She is a respected figure in the community, a person people can trust and turn to for advice. We are honored to have Veronika as a part of the Collective Calling team, not only as a mission partner but also as our official ambassador.


Helena Chevalley-Levy

Media & Strategy Ambassador

Helena was born in Brazil, and moved to Switzerland in 1980 to study alternative medicines. She has since then found her home in Marbella. As our public relations ambassador, Helena has an incredible combination of natural giftings, she has a kind and generous heart, and with her burning desire to use her gifts to serve others, Helena will be such an asset to the organisation.


6% administration

In 2021, 94% of Collective Callings total operating expenses were used towards programs that support children and parents living in poverty. This includes logistical planning of programs.  

No donation is too small
We are transparent
Maximum impact

We are happy to be reviewed and held accountable to these third party entities:

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