Family Reunification

3 years ago, God directed us to some very precious souls in Tanzania and gave us a vision of creating a safe space that would help heal the wounds of a traumatic childhood.
Today, the “Centre of Hope” exists to help rescue, rehabilitate and reintegrate street children back into family. 18 children currently reside at the centre and we need people to stand with us and help get more children off of the street and back into family where they belong.
We need partners to help:
1. Construct safe, adequate family shelters for children to return back home to.
2. Provide more skilled social workers to help with the reunification process.
3. Pray for our mission in Tanzania
If you have a calling to help support Street children and help get them back home into a family environment where they were created to thrive in, then we would love to hear from you.
You can reach out to us here:
Collectively, we are making a difference

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