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We are excited to be starting our “Inspiring Futures” program very soon, which aims to Inspire, Equip and Transform the lives of those participating in the program. The program is a 9 week course which helps with self-confidence, identification of skills and gifts, IT skills, CV writing and communication skills. At the end of the program, through partnerships with local businesses, a work experience placement is offered. The course shall host 60 participants throughout the year, who have been identified through an interview process with individuals who have been a beneficiary of the Collective Calling food assistance program. Our mission through the “Inspiring Futures” program is to help people back into a place of self-sustainability. See below for more details on this program:
In the second quarter of 2020, Spain’s unemployment rate rose to 15.33%. Due to COVID-19, many people in Spain lost their jobs and food insecurity has been a direct result of the rise in unemployment levels. In 2018, The National Institute of Statistics of Spain reported that 26.1% of people were at risk of social exclusion and 5.4% experienced severe material deprivation. In that same year, 55.2% of people had severe difficulty and were at extreme risk of going without basic human needs. These figures only represent the adult population, and children are not excluded from the reach of poverty. Spain continue to have the highest rate of unemployment throughout the whole of Europe and this is the leading cause of the overwhelming poverty levels that the country is facing.

Covid-19 has effected every human being on the globe in some capacity and families who were already experiencing levels of poverty before the pandemic, are now faced with serious challenges of poverty survival.

Collective Calling’s approach to economic empowerment helps to inspire, equip and transform those who have been identified to be within the “red zone” of critical challenges surrounding poverty.

Why It Matters
With the social welfare system overwhelmed, and other charities such as The Red Cross and Caritas stretched to capacity, thousands upon thousands of families still go without the basic support they need. All of this leads to the continued cycle of generational poverty, as parents are unable to improve their situation, the horrendous cycle of poverty is pushed into the lives of their children.

Our Partnership with you gives Collective Calling the privilege of supporting hardworking families and showing them God loves them.  For families who have endured desperate situations, collectively, we can help them move from poverty to prosperity.

Our Approach

Unfortunately many people have developed a view of themselves that are rooted in feelings of being powerless, hopeless and having a lack of self-worth. We use a tested and proven methodology that helps people to recognise their potential and to be all that God created them to be. Parents that we have identified to be living within a situation of poverty are enrolled into our empowerment program that is not only designed to help prepare people to re-enter, or enter the workplace for the first time, but also gives people the tools to cope emotionally in times of stress, instills confidence and self-worth, and sets personal and financial goals for a future that God intended us all to have.

On completion of the course, each person will be given a Certificate and personal reference from Collective Calling for future employers. Further vocational skills are then offered such as language courses and apprenticeships in certain job sectors.  Although not guaranteed, the aim of the course is to get everyone employed.

The course itself is designed to recognise individual gifts and talents, and when the course is finished, Collective Calling are also there to develop these gifts, whether that be in creative arts and design, entrepreneurship, hospitality, marketing, all to name but a few, the help doesn’t stop when the course does.

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