Collectively, We Are Making A Difference

We’re more than just another NGO, we are a grassroots organisation giving a collective of ordinary people the power to make a real difference to the lives of those affected by poverty, war and persecution.

We started in 2015 with a small fundraiser generating €1,200, and a single pair of hands helping with beach rescues and camp support. Now we are a collective force of international volunteers and compassionate individuals who have provided support to thousands of vulnerable refugees and poverty stricken persons.


We formed Collective Calling as a response to the refugee crisis because we believe that this situation is not just a crisis – it’s a test. It’s a test that civilisations have faced throughout the ages, a test of our humanity, and a test for us in the western world of who we are and what we stand for.

Empathy and the unselfish regard for the welfare of others should be at the foundation of what makes us human, turn that in to action and we set a basic moral standard for generations to come.  We strive to show others that this refugee crisis is manageable, not unsolvable and that each one of us has the capacity to help make it so.  Even though the problems are real, the solutions are real too.


Container of Hope

Join our “Container of Hope” campaign now and help us in our mission to empower children with disabilities in Nyarugusu refugee camp.

We are honored to have been chosen for the overseas charity of choice for this years Lent appeal, by the Bishop of Edinburgh. Paul and Gemma were talking to the congregation of St Georges church in Malaga, Spain when Father William Mounsey from Edinburgh was standing in replacement for the local Pastor that weekend. Father Mounsey was so impressed with the work that Collective Calling are doing for refugees that he put Collective Calling forward for this years Lent appeal and were finally chosen.

We are eternally grateful to Father William Mounsey, the bishop of Edinburgh and the people of Edinburgh for this generous donation of 6,000 euro that will go so far as to empowering vulnerable refugees. Read what the Diocese of Edinburgh had to say below, blessings to you all.

This year Bishop John chose Collective Calling as the overseas recipient. (See The European Anglican Summer 2016 and Spring 2017). Founded by Paul and Gemma Carr from the Costa del Sol West Anglican Church and sponsored in Scotland by Fr William Mounsey, a priest of the Diocese of Edinburgh and regular locum in the Diocese in Europe, Collective Calling’s work among refugees and migrants was supported by over sixty congregations in Edinburgh, Lothian and the Scottish Borders. (See page 4 on “read more”)
Last Summer, The European Anglican featured the story of Paul Carr who, supported by a group of churches on Spain’s Costa del Sol, embarked on a project to work with refugees and migrants in Greece. Here is his latest news. (Pg 7 on “read more”)


Events & Updates On The Ground

Read below about previous missions our volunteers have been on with Collective Calling.  Our previous missions have involved beach rescues and camp support on the islands of Lesvos, Chios and mainland in Athens.

Come and join us at one of our events and support those who are directly affected by war and persecution. You don´t have to travel to crisis zones to help those in need, you can volunteer at one of our events, learn about the refugee crisis and ways you can help.

Read blogs written by our volunteers on the ground, and keep up to date with first hand accounts of recent happenings within the refugee crisis.

Week 1 – Gone To Greece

My first week on the island has been nothing short of eye-opening. Upon arriving I was greeted by a few volunteers who would be working within the same organization as I. After settling in at the volunteer house, I began work in one of the main camps on the island still receiving refugees despite already being over capacity.

Event – Padel For Charity

What better way is there than to raise money for children fleeing war and persecution. Join us for this very special 3 day event at the prestigious Manolo Santana Racquets Club in benefit of vulnerable refugees in Europe and children with disabilities in Nyarugusu refugee camp, Africa.

Week 2 – Update On The Ground

In the past week alone, two separate protests have erupted within the main prison-style detention camp on the island. Sparking fires and burning warehouses, these protests have aimed to force the hand of the government to amend both the living conditions and the current asylum process in the camps.

Week 3 – Athens & Chios Response

Chios has had an influx of refugees arriving for the past few years, and camps there face many of the same problems as those on Lesvos. Because many of the larger NGOs operating on the island have recently received funding cuts, gaps have arisen that are not felt on Lesvos, and Paul and I focused on identifying the aspects of care that now require the most assistance.

Week 4 – Eric´s deployment

By the standards I have become accustomed to, my fourth week on the island was relatively quiet. No major emergencies took place, and my team was able to complete a few projects aimed at further improving living conditions in the main camp. Due to a burst pipe, running water was unavailable early in the week and remained shut off for two whole days.

Lesvos Support Project

One of our programs in collaboration with “Carry The Future”, supports “One Happy Family”, which is a community centre on Lesvos that provides vital services to refugees on the island. Nearly 6000 refugees are here with no end in sight to this never ending journey of suffering for them.

The Rotary Club-Guadalmina Marbella

We would like to extend our gratitude to the RCGM “The Rotary Guadalmina-Marbella” for their continued support through Collective Calling helping to empower vulnerable refugees in desperate need of our help.  Paul and Gemma first spoke with the RCGM 12mths ago regarding the situation of malnutrition in on one of the refugee camps on mainland Greece.

Week 5 – Erics summer mission

While assisting in our clinic in the main camp this week, my team was responsible for sorting the shipments of medicine donated to us by organizations such as Médecins Sans Frontières and Red Cross. Working with our attending doctor on staff, several dozen boxes of medicine were sorted categorically and put into storage, ready to resupply the clinic when needed.

Week 6 – Will not be forgotten

Over three hundred new arrivals landed on the island this week. Early one morning, a message from our scouts went out at 5:00 AM rallying the team to the landing site of a crowded boat packed with thirty-seven people. After enduring over four hours onboard a makeshift boat constructed from thin fiberglass