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The Collective Calling mission experience offers a unique opportunity for you to live out your calling.

Live Your Calling

Our mission experience has been created to mobilize those who have had a calling to serve others, empower communities and develop leaders. This life changing experience starts in southern Spain where volunteers are hosted at the 285m2 “CC Base” whilst helping with local outreach projects. Volunteers are taken through “cross cultural” and leader development training before being deployed to the international location to serve.

Are You Living Your Calling?

Mission Experience

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Lent 2018

Lent 2017

This year Bishop John chose Collective Calling as the overseas recipient. (See The European Anglican Summer 2016 and Spring 2017). Founded by Paul and Gemma Carr from the Costa del Sol West Anglican Church and sponsored in Scotland by Fr William Mounsey, a priest of the Diocese of Edinburgh and regular locum in the Diocese in Europe, Collective Calling’s work among refugees and migrants was supported by over sixty congregations in Edinburgh, Lothian and the Scottish Borders. (See page 4 on “read more”)

Collective Calling were invited to attend this years Diocese of Europe Synod, Spain. We had the opportunity to speak about the lives and experiences of refugees as we have seen it through our time working in refugee crisis. Since then we are honored to have been chosen by St Vincent’s Anglican Church, Portugal for this years Lent appeal.

St Vincent´s Church is part of the Diocese in Europe (a diocese of the Church of England) and a member of the Anglican Communion. The Chaplaincy has been serving the Algarve since 1963: you can read about their history on the About of their the Chaplaincy page. They are a diverse group of people united in seeking to follow Christ.

You can visit their site here:

Diocese in Europe

Last Summer, The European Anglican featured the story of Paul Carr who, supported by a group of churches on Spain’s Costa del Sol, embarked on a project to work with refugees and migrants in Greece. Here is his latest news. (Pg 7 on “read more”)

More About Our Work

Healing For Spain

Today we built relationships with the community of Asoc. Vecinal Rincon Centro (El Angel), a community who have been marginalised and bridges were built today to bring love to an area that has been neglected.

Event – Padel For Charity

What better way is there than to raise money for children fleeing war and persecution. Join us for this very special 3 day event at the prestigious Manolo Santana Racquets Club in benefit of vulnerable refugees in Europe and children with disabilities in Nyarugusu refugee camp, Africa.

Children with disabilities census

The data being collected through the identification process happening now in Nyarugusu refugee camp, is a first of it’s kind. Through our local partner DRST, 20 volunteers go out into the field each and everyday, visiting families and identifying persons with disabilities.


Week 3 – Athens & Chios Response

Chios has had an influx of refugees arriving for the past few years, and camps there face many of the same problems as those on Lesvos. Because many of the larger NGOs operating on the island have recently received funding cuts, gaps have arisen that are not felt on Lesvos, and Paul and I focused on identifying the aspects of care that now require the most assistance.

Conatiner of Hope

This will be a blessing on an unimaginable scale for these children, thank you Starkey Hearing Foundation for your support and the vital work you do for so many children in Africa.


Lesvos Support Project

One of our programs in collaboration with “Carry The Future”, supports “One Happy Family”, which is a community centre on Lesvos that provides vital services to refugees on the island. Nearly 6000 refugees are here with no end in sight to this never ending journey of suffering for them.

Sub-Saharan Refugee Community

Our first preliminary mission to Morocco was conducted in the month of April and to say it was a success would be an understatement. At the end of January this year, Collective Calling were invited to speak at the annual Diocese of Europe Anglican synod about our experiences working within the refugee crisis over the past 2.5 years.

Marbella Distribution

Behind the glittery lifestyle of Marbella, lay areas hidden away, that are full of depression, areas where people are really suffering and are in real need of help. As needs increase across the coast, our homeless / socially vulnerable response has moved away from Fuengirola to Marbella & La Linea, our local response in 2018 will be significantly increased.


Rotary Club Marbella Guadalmina

Rotary Club Marbella Guadalmina has donated €4000 towards aid for Syrian children in refugee camps in Greece. The aid is being delivered on the ground by Collective Calling.  How RCMG helps make a difference to the vulnerable refugees in Veria Camp. A second donation of 1000€ has been spent on fruit and vegetables.