Collectively, We Are Making A Difference

Collective Calling is a faith driven, Spanish registered charity with international permissions, meaning we carry out “Boots on the ground” projects to accomplish our objectives. We exist so that people can experience the love of God through our work which is carried out through Spain and Tanzania. Through the love and hope of Jesus, all things are possible.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, Collective Calling have been responding to the urgent needs of our local community across the Costa Del Sol, Spain, in form of pandemic support packs, which consist of dried and fresh food items. Helping to bring immediate relief to those suffering through this time we consider an honor to come alongside our local community, as we show the love and hope of Jesus to a broken and suffering world.

If you are in urgent need of support please message through to the CC inbound-line and we would be happy to speak to you and offer some assistance through this time, we are here for you.. CC inbound line: 711006961

Centre of Hope

The “Centre of Hope” (COH) is a transitional rescue centre for street children. On September 19th 2019 the COH was officially opened and we welcomed in the first group of children. So far 15 children have been successfully rescued , 4 of which are girls who were pulled directly from child prostitution. 

Through collaboration with other like minded NGOs such as 1MillionHome & Agape Children’s Ministry, the module that has been implemented in the centre is focused towards achieving 3 main objectives.


We empower children and their families with the physical, spiritual and emotional tools they need to reconnect and restore essential relationships.  As they come to know and experience God´s love and forgiveness, they´re able to recover from emotional wounds, and regain precious hope and purpose for living.  God created the family unit for children to thrive in and research proves that children best develop in families.  We are on a mission to help get children back home.


Abuse, rebellion, neglect, poverty and broken relationships all lead to many children to flee their home to live on the streets of Tanzania.  Our Outreach Teams rescue vulnerable children who are in dangerous situations from living life on the streets, as well as young girls from prostitution houses.  The child is prepared for rescue into the Centre of Hope by building up a relationship of trust, they are then equipped mentally, emotionally and spiritually for long-term success at home with their families.


We provide a safe place to live, nutritious meals, new clothing, necessary medial care, and a loving environment where each child that is welcomed to the “Centre of Hope” is treated uniquely. The first process is to establish what level academically the child is at and whether the child has any previous education history. We establish what the child´s level of faith is and what their spiritual needs are, and they are also assessed on a psychological standpoint for induced trauma and signs of PTSD.

Once this has been established a unique plan is created for the child and they are enrolled into the “Centre of Hope” education program, which is an open learning format which provides “accelerated learning” to enhance the opportunities for the children to re-enter either state or private schooling. Trauma and spiritual counselling is then conducted on a daily basis. The rehabilitation process that takes place in the centre provides the children with an opportunity to find hope and belonging with their own families, as we equip and empower their parents to care for and love them.


Both Scripture and science agree that children thrive best in family, and through our team of social workers we identify and connect with the biological parents and/or a potential foster family within the local community.  We then help equip each family to care for and love their children. Once the child has been placed back into the family, weekly / monthly follow up´s are continued with our trauma counselors and social workers until the child reaches 18 or until they are successfully reintegrated into a loving family environment.

How We Help

Family Empowerment

Here is an example of one of the ways that we empower families before and during the reintegration period. Empowerment kits such as this are given to help families in extremely impoverished situations, providing them with an opportunity to generate an income and provide better for the family as a whole. This in turn takes the high levels of stress off of the family to generate money, to the extent of having to send their children out to earn money by collecting/selling items such as plastic bottles, instead of being at school. Poverty is one of the 3 main causes why children end up going to the streets. 

The Centre of Hope

The Centre of Hope is a transitional rescue centre that helps rehabilitate street children in preparation for the children to be reintegrated back into family

  • Classroom
  • Kitchen & dining area
  • Dormitories
  • Wash blocks


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