CC Food Bank

We welcome donations of food items as Collective Calling continue to provide food assistance on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays to local families and the homeless community. Since the pandemic started Collective Calling have distributed over 20metric tons of dried food items, 13 metric tons of fresh food items and helped provide over 30,000 prepared meals.
More than a year later since the pandemic started, we continue to see more and more families reaching out and asking for help. The problem is that financial support is not reaching the people. Many locals have applied for the guaranteed minimum income as late as August last year to try to make ends meet. “I still haven’t heard back,” one person says. A total of 93.2% of the families helped by Collective Calling have not received the guaranteed minimum income after applying for it. But there has also been a sizeable contingent who never applied due to lack of information. According to a report, 67% said they did not have enough information to request the financial aid.
If you have a calling to help through this time then please reach out to us.
Collectively, we are making a difference

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